Making winter great again

Still holding out for some luck of the Irish for the 18th, still looking forward to 23-25th for some real action, and now it looks like there's a possibility of something for the 27th. It isn't buoypop material,more of a casual buoybump. 

Losing a lot of snow on the ground here in Park City. I suspect that the yard will be snow-free and a winter's worth of Labrador poop mixed with some moose poop and rabbit poop will be waiting. Enjoy the nice warm weather for now, snow will be back! A perfect time to mountain bike, ski, and go flyfishing, all in one day. 

#makewintergreatagain #yeahbuoy #skiutah

Iron like a Lion in Zion, storm lined up for March 22

Am I the only one still getting excited about Buoypops? I know it's been a helluva season, and it has.pretty much snowed every week all season, but dammit if I'm not still stoked and ready for more. Who knows what next year will bring, so may as well live it up now (good life motto). we have another storm lined up for march 22/23. Maybe we'll be in like a lion out like a lion for march, we'll see what the end of the month looks like soon enough. #yeahbuoy#ironlikealioninzion

March 8.jpg