Super Storm!! Beginning of Feb is still looking strong

Talk about a super storm!! I don't think I've seen it snow so much so fast since the mid 90's. I thought we'd see a continuation for a few days after the 18th, which ended up actually starting the 19th, but definitely didn't think it would last this long based on original buoypop, holy cold smoke!! 

Also looks like we aren't getting anything too meaningful in the next few days. Looks like we may get snow on the 25th, it will be a powder day, and there was a pop for the 28th, we'll see if that lines up. 

While it is embarrasing, barroom science isn't exact, but hopefully you all can forgive the Buoy on this one. Still on track for the first week of feb, looks like starting the 2nd and continuing though the 4th/5th and another into 8th/9th!