The password is... Atmospheric River

It's easy to get discouraged when it is raining outside your window all day long and there is a river going down the street. But then it cools down and starts snowing and its going to keep snowing and snowing for the next 3 days. This isn't showing anything for the 13th, so hopefully there is another little bump in there somewhere to coincide with the #buoypop, but can I get a #buoyeah!!

NOAA Storm Report

Details on the storm that started last night and will last through Monday evening from friend of the Buoy, Brian at NOAA. Looks a bit denser then the last storms, but fingers crossed for some colder than expected temps which could make all the difference. Looks like Snowbasin and PowMow will get the brunt of the moisture. More snow in the horizon for 13th and 18th. The buoy has been quiet for the past 4 days, hopefully we get a bouypop in the not too distant future.