Olive the ski dog

Always fun to have a buddy for a hot lap, she's not a groundhog but she definitely didn't see her shadow. You can see the surface hoar, but turning conditions are still nice! 

Storms are looking good, should start 2nd, then 4th for a few days, then the 8th for a few days, and right into Valentine's Day. 

This January was one for the books, I don't think I have seen a month like this since the mid 90's. A few more days of sunshine before we start the storm track again. One estimate is looking for a total of 36" of new snow over the next 7 days (starting on Thursday). 


Super Storm!! Beginning of Feb is still looking strong

Talk about a super storm!! I don't think I've seen it snow so much so fast since the mid 90's. I thought we'd see a continuation for a few days after the 18th, which ended up actually starting the 19th, but definitely didn't think it would last this long based on original buoypop, holy cold smoke!! 

Also looks like we aren't getting anything too meaningful in the next few days. Looks like we may get snow on the 25th, it will be a powder day, and there was a pop for the 28th, we'll see if that lines up. 

While it is embarrasing, barroom science isn't exact, but hopefully you all can forgive the Buoy on this one. Still on track for the first week of feb, looks like starting the 2nd and continuing though the 4th/5th and another into 8th/9th!

Inauguration Day- fingers crossed for no Feb donut hole

On this Inauguration Day, it looks like high pressure may be trumping our low pressure system and it looks like we may get the infamous high pressure donut hole where storms sweep above or below the Wasatch for the 25-27, things can still change, still holding out hope for 28th and feb 2nd. This happens at this time of year every year, hard to predict 2 weeks out, doing the best a buoy can do and have fun with it. With that, enjoy the current storm cycle, and cross your fingers for a change in the patterns for late next week, otherwise it is sunny beer in the parking lot and fat biking weather.

It's getting better and better- storms through the end of the month

It's just getting better and better, almost brings a tear to the buoy's eye! Jan 25th-the end of the month is looking real real nice. #yeahbuoy . We have a break in the weather for the next few days until the Jan 18 storm that looks to be right on target which could bring 30" by the weekend. 

As for now be careful in the backcountry, lots of recent activity, give it a day or 2 to settle down before getting aggressive. #knowbeforeyougo.

Thanks to all the Buoyheads near and far, 3200 strong. I hope you've been getting out any enjoying this snow! Share pics if you've got 'em.

The password is... Atmospheric River

It's easy to get discouraged when it is raining outside your window all day long and there is a river going down the street. But then it cools down and starts snowing and its going to keep snowing and snowing for the next 3 days. This isn't showing anything for the 13th, so hopefully there is another little bump in there somewhere to coincide with the #buoypop, but can I get a #buoyeah!!

NOAA Storm Report

Details on the storm that started last night and will last through Monday evening from friend of the Buoy, Brian at NOAA. Looks a bit denser then the last storms, but fingers crossed for some colder than expected temps which could make all the difference. Looks like Snowbasin and PowMow will get the brunt of the moisture. More snow in the horizon for 13th and 18th. The buoy has been quiet for the past 4 days, hopefully we get a bouypop in the not too distant future. 

Powfest 2017

Love the sound of avi bombs in the morning, sounds like victory. 2017 is coming in hotter than Mariah Carey in a lip syncing battle. Snow, and lots of it, is slated to come over the next 2 weeks before things settle back down. According to U of U atmospheric science dept, we could be sitting on over 100" of new snow over the next 7 days (a bit of take it with a grain of salt-o-meter on that one). #yeahbuoy #skiutah#powfest2017#mayneedtoburnallofyoursickdaysinthefirst2weeksof2017